Study No. 19 by Fernando Sor performed by Jeff Dwarshuis

Track 4 of “The Guitar Works of Fernando Sor”. This piece was originally titled Etude 29 No 13 by Sor. – This study is a beautiful and famous etude written by Sor and one of the most difficult of the collection of Segovia’s twenty studies. Primarily a study in right hand arpeggio work the piece also was intended to develop left hand strength. Written in the key of B flat major – the guitarist is required to do extensive playing while holding barre chords on the first fret – the most difficult area to hold a barre chord. Later when Segovia transposed this piece he suggested a slower tempo than that written by Sor. The result is even more left hand demand as the player is required to hold the chords for a longer period of time.

Click here to listen to track.

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