Reviews for “The Guitar Works of Fernando Sor” by Jeff Dwarshuis

Reviews for “The Guitar Works of Fernando Sor” by Jeff Dwarshuis 

“Classey Guitar – Jeff Dwarshuis has given us a fine selection of classical guitar music that is well performed, well recorded, and well done! No medium rare half done guitar work here, but passionate love of the guitar shines throughout. The Guitar Works of Fernando Sor has helped me stay calm in a storm, find beauty and appreciation for the finer things in life through Dwarshuis’ high standard of complex musical selections. His fingers, brain, and heart are as one in this, his first cd. This makes for an excellent gift for stressed friends, too.”  – FIVE STAR review on CD Baby.

Karen Chadwick – Kalamazoo, Michigan

“Perfection – As a fan of Julian Bream and Andre Segovia, I have a new hero. Jeff Dwarshuis performs with virtuosity, clarity and effortless beauty. And Fernando Sor’s works never disappoint. The CD is enjoyable from beginning to end.” – FIVE STAR review on CD Baby.

Dan Holbert – Grand Rapids, Michigan

“High octane guitar playing, selection of songs is just right for the 21st century listeners.” – FIVE STAR review on CD Baby.

Ramon Lopez Candido – Manila, Philippines

“I have listened carefully to the evolution of Mr. Dwarshuis’ s music over the years and can say without question this is his finest work to date. Perfectly executed with precision and technique mastery – the emotion yet stern discipline that resonates throughout this recording is a stunner – this is a must have recording – highest recommendation.”  – FIVE STAR review on Amazon.

Richard H

“Great music.”  – FIVE STAR review on Amazon.

“Outstanding –I have listened with great interest to the evolution and progression of Mr. Dwarshuis’ talent over the past several years – he has hit a new high with this outstanding recording. His range and expression on this recording are things of artistic wonder – the recording is outstanding and the exposure to lesser known works a tribute to the true teacher he appears to be. I am left with the simple thought: Here – Here Mr. Dwarshuis – bring us more!”  – FIVE STAR review on CD Baby.

“Best guitar music I have ever heard.” – FIVE STAR review on Amazon.


“A playing with mystery and magic sounds that makes your mind travel in the past…Jeff Dwarshuis is an amazing guitarist with virtuosity and a big passion and love for the guitar….!!!!!!!!”

Vassilis Kanellopoulos – Classical Guitarist, Petropolis, Greece

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