Grand Solo by Fernando Sor performed by Jeff Dwarshuis

Track 7 of the recording “The Guitar Works of Fernando Sor”. Grand Solo Opus 14 is a one movement sonata and perhaps Sor’s finest extended work. Long, grandiose and imaginative Grand Solo uses the guitar to it fullest. In this piece Sor uses the “Drop D” tuning which involves lowering the bottom E note a full two frets. The result is broader range of possibilities for color and range. Often understood as a piece written to mimic the sounds of an orchestra, Grand Solo makes use of the possibilities of the guitar by covering nearly three and a half octaves.

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Etude Opus 35 No. 17 by Jeff Dwarshuis

Track 8 of the recording “The Guitar Works of Fernando Sor”. Originally titled Etude Opus 35 No. 17  – This is a short and popular study for the guitar. Like many studies of the time this aims to develop the right hand’s ability to accent the volume of specific notes to project melody. Sor presented the added challenge of emphasizing two successive melody notes throughout the song.

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Study No 17 by Fernando Sor performed by Jeff Dwarshuis

Track 9 of the recording “The Guitar Works of Fernando Sor”. Sor originally titled this piece Etude Opus 6 No. 11. This is one of Sor’s longer studies. It is beautiful, warm and primarily a study in arpeggios. The texture of this piece comes from its almost continual use of the low end of the guitar. Also it has no repeated patterns and has a key change. The unique musical texture also comes from Sor’s approach to chords in this study. In this piece he requires that notes of the chord be skipped which creates the effect of projecting a broader range of notes and requires the performer do an exceptional amount of right hand movement to skip strings.

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Variation on a Theme of Mozart by Fernando Sor performed by Jeff Dwarshuis

Track 11 of the recording “The Guitar Works of Fernando Sor”. Variation on a Theme of Mozart – In 1819 Fernando Sor attended the first performance of Mozart’s “The Magic Flute” and was inspired to write a major work around a musical theme found near the end of act one. This particular piece purposefully captures every technical demand for the classical guitar known at the time as the theme is repeated through various expressions. The classical guitar at the time was smaller than today’s classical guitar thus today’s performer is confronted with considerable demands on the left hand in order to carry out the piece as written. 

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Study No 20 by Fernando Sor performed by Jeff Dwarshuis

Track 12 of the recording “The Guitar Works of Fernando Sor”. This was originally titled Etude Opus 29 No. 17.  As Segovia selected this study he most likely was thinking about its close yet less demanding partner of Etude #1 (Track 1). Both studies share a range of common elements. Both are in the key of C and both involve the extensive use of sliding chords to push melodic suggestion. Etude twenty differs in its timing demands as well as covering a wider range of the guitar.

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15 Essential Classical Guitar Recordings. Listed by Jeff Dwarshuis

15 Essential Classical Guitar Recordings. Listed by Jeff Dwarshuis

#1 Julian Bream plays Granados and Albeniz

In 1983 when this recording was released, Julian Bream had already established himself as one of the greatest guitarist of all time. He had a massive output of recorded music; (over 40 recordings) had revived Renaissance Music through his Julian Bream Consort and exposure of John Dowland’s solo lute works, had introduced the listening world to the works of contemporary composers, expanded the guitar repertoire by requesting compositions from famous composers and toured constantly.

 “Julian Bream plays Granados and Albeniz” came at a time that it seemed Bream had already done it all so – he revisited guitar standards. The music was not new. Originally all of this music was written for piano so it had years of attention before anyone used the music for the guitar. Also, many guitarists had recorded these works by the 1980s. In fact, Bream himself had recorded many of these pieces for his earlier recordings. What makes this recording so outstanding is that every part of it is seasoned. Bream seems to have labored over every phrase making sure there was no loss in projecting the passion of Spanish melody.

The sound of this recording is outstanding. It represents a time Bream was in charge of the recording process having brought engineers and equipment to a choice church sanctuary near his English home. 

#2 The Guitarist by John Williams

Inspired by the timeless modal harmony of Medieval and Mediterranean cultures “The Guitarist” by John Williams stands out as being one of the greatest recordings for the classical guitar. Consistent with John Williams, his selection of material is new to the repertoire and combined with a performance so exceptional “The Guitarist” has impacted a generation of players. Included composers are Satie, Theodorakis and Domeniconi as well as William’s own writing contributions. This recording starts and ends in one breath and every part of it is outstanding.

#3 The Ultimate Guitar Collection Vol. 2 by Julian Bream

Following the release of Julian Bream’s box set, this massive catalogue of music was packaged and repackaged with a variety of results –  most all of them very good. The Ultimate Guitar Collection Vol. 2 is one such recording and has Julian Bream at his best. This recording includes works from time periods of Renaissance to Contemporary and the choices of selection for the recording are superb. The listener will experience one of the greatest guitarists of our time playing some of the best pieces of the classical guitar repertoire. 

#4 Heitor Villa-Lobos – Complete Works for Solo Guitar by Frederic Zigante

This recording includes all guitar works by Villa – Lobos …the 12 Etudes, the 5 Preludes, Choros, the 5 piece suite and two added pieces called “Simples” and the 1928 version of the 10th etude. The works were written to be heard in their respective groups and Zigante approaches the pieces with this in mind as the recording presents itself as one consistent and focused expression. This is THE definitive recording for the Villa – Lobos guitar works.

#5 20th Century Guitar by Julian Bream

When this recording was released in 1967 listeners of the classical guitar were accustomed to hearing the sounds of Spain, Bach and the Renaissance. “20th Century Guitar” was different. The music, both abstract and beautiful, was written by living composers and many written for Bream himself. The recording includes Benjamin Britten’s famous “Nocturnal” said by Bream to be one of the greatest pieces ever written for the guitar.  

#6 From the Jungles of Paraguay – John Williams plays Barrios

It is AMAZING to think that before the recording was released very few people (including guitarists) had heard of Agustin Barrios. Today, because of John William’s influence, Barrios’ music is well known, published by many sources and is frequently included in guitarists’ programs. This recording is an essential part of a collection because of its influence, John Williams incredible playing and the exposure to a new direction and virtuosity for the classical guitar.  

#7 Sor : Guitar Music Opp 26-30 by Jeffrey McFadden

This collection of music of Fernando Sor is a must have by any collector or interested listener. McFadden’s playing seems to tell the listener that not only was Sor a great composer but he was also an incredible player. Listening to the Twelve Etudes one is left with the impression that Sor was breaking new ground for the guitar and that the possibilities for the guitar were expanding. Also included are major works, most of them relatively unknown but still highly significant in the body of Sor’s works 

#8 Fernando Sor : Guitar Music by Eduardo Fernandez

Eduardo Fernandez brings a fresh approach to the music of Fernando Sor. His performance is clean and refined with a sense of determination that pulls the listener in to his interpretations. Listeners will also experience Fernandez’s embracing of the Classical Period with his accent of beautiful melodies, charm and composition. 

#9 Ponce – Guitar Music: Complete Variations, 24 Preludes by Stephen Marchionda

At the suggestion of Andres Segovia, composer Manuel Ponce wrote a great deal of music for the classical guitar. This recording is a wonderful collection of Ponce’s contributions. It begins with the 25 minute “Variations on Folia De Espana and Fugue” through all 24 Preludes and more. Marchianda’s playing is exciting, crisp and entertaining. This is a fantastic recording for both the active performer as well as the newly interested listener of classical guitar. 

#10 Guitar Recital by Dejan Ivanovic

Guitar Recital by Dejan Ivanovic is an INCREDIBLE collection of contemporary works for the classical guitar. Ivanovic’s playing is intense and fitting for these challenging pieces. Listeners should allow a generous amount of time for exposure as these works are often times as abstract as they are beautiful and in the end – will take your mind and experience to a different place. 

#11 Barrios – Complete Music for Solo Guitar by Cristiano Porqueddu

This is a six CD box set of the complete (known) guitar works of Agustin Barrios Mangore. This is an incredible set of music with all pieces placed in alphabetical order and beautifully performed. For the guitarist, this set of music lines up nearly perfectly with Richard Stover’s music collection of Barrios scores called “The Complete Works of Agustin Barrios Mangore Vol. 1 and Vol. 2. 

#12 Guitar Concertos – Vivaldi, Castelnuovo – Tedesco, Villa – Lobos by Marcos Tsessos.

This is a “hidden gem” of the guitar concertos. Tsessos playing is fantastic and enjoyable. Tedesco’s Concerto #1 is beautiful and entertaining. 

#13 Victor Villadangos – Guitar Music of Argentina

Wonderful, fresh and entertaining – Victor Villadangos offers a great collection with a unique approach to his sound.

#14 Frederic Zigante – Musica Espanola

Thoughtful, determined, well crafted – Zigante does his usual effort of providing an extensive and tasteful representation of each composer.

#15 – Christopher Parkening Plays Bach

Smooth, refined, gentle and beautiful. Parkening’s touch seems to be made for the music of Bach.

Reviews for “The Guitar Works of Fernando Sor” by Jeff Dwarshuis

Reviews for “The Guitar Works of Fernando Sor” by Jeff Dwarshuis 

“Classey Guitar – Jeff Dwarshuis has given us a fine selection of classical guitar music that is well performed, well recorded, and well done! No medium rare half done guitar work here, but passionate love of the guitar shines throughout. The Guitar Works of Fernando Sor has helped me stay calm in a storm, find beauty and appreciation for the finer things in life through Dwarshuis’ high standard of complex musical selections. His fingers, brain, and heart are as one in this, his first cd. This makes for an excellent gift for stressed friends, too.”  – FIVE STAR review on CD Baby.

Karen Chadwick – Kalamazoo, Michigan

“Perfection – As a fan of Julian Bream and Andre Segovia, I have a new hero. Jeff Dwarshuis performs with virtuosity, clarity and effortless beauty. And Fernando Sor’s works never disappoint. The CD is enjoyable from beginning to end.” – FIVE STAR review on CD Baby.

Dan Holbert – Grand Rapids, Michigan

“High octane guitar playing, selection of songs is just right for the 21st century listeners.” – FIVE STAR review on CD Baby.

Ramon Lopez Candido – Manila, Philippines

“I have listened carefully to the evolution of Mr. Dwarshuis’ s music over the years and can say without question this is his finest work to date. Perfectly executed with precision and technique mastery – the emotion yet stern discipline that resonates throughout this recording is a stunner – this is a must have recording – highest recommendation.”  – FIVE STAR review on Amazon.

Richard H

“Great music.”  – FIVE STAR review on Amazon.

“Outstanding –I have listened with great interest to the evolution and progression of Mr. Dwarshuis’ talent over the past several years – he has hit a new high with this outstanding recording. His range and expression on this recording are things of artistic wonder – the recording is outstanding and the exposure to lesser known works a tribute to the true teacher he appears to be. I am left with the simple thought: Here – Here Mr. Dwarshuis – bring us more!”  – FIVE STAR review on CD Baby.

“Best guitar music I have ever heard.” – FIVE STAR review on Amazon.


“A playing with mystery and magic sounds that makes your mind travel in the past…Jeff Dwarshuis is an amazing guitarist with virtuosity and a big passion and love for the guitar….!!!!!!!!”

Vassilis Kanellopoulos – Classical Guitarist, Petropolis, Greece

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Radio Stations playing “The Guitar Works of Fernando Sor” by Jeff Dwarshuis

Radio Stations playing “The Guitar Works of Fernando Sor” by Jeff Dwarshuis 

“The Guitar Works of Fernando Sor” is now being played in every country in the world. Over 100 radio stations and 56 affiliate stations have included it in their programming schedules. 

WHRO-FM – Norfolk, Virginia

WBAA Classical 101.3 FM Purdue University – West Lafayette, Indiana

WSCL-FM – Delmarva Public Radio – Salisbury, Maryland

WWFM – The Classical Network – Trenton, New Jersey

WXPR – Rhinelander, Wisconsin

WBLU Blue Lake Public Radio – Grand Rapids, Michigan

KXMS 88.7 FM – Missouri Southern State University, Joplin, Missouri

Classical KING FM 98.1 – Seattle, Washington

WVUR The Source – Valparaiso University, Indiana

WXPR-Rhinelander, Wisconsin

CMU Public Radio – Central Michigan University, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan 

WRCJ-FM – Detroit, Michigan

Radio Landsberg International – Bavaria, Germany

One World Radio – Hungary

WXXI-FM – Rochester, New York

Classical KUCO 90.1 – Edmond, Oklahoma  

KBCW 91.9 McAlester, Oklahoma  

KZCU 95.9 Woodward, Oklahoma 

Classical UK Brighton, United Kingdom  

Internet Radio – Sacramento, California 

Radio Flora, Internet Radio – Hannover, Germany 

2bbb Community Radio 99.3 FM and 107.3 FM Bellingen, Australia 

WHRO 90.3 Norfolk, Virginia

WHRJ 89.9 Gloucester Courthouse, Virginia

WHRF 98.3 Bell Haven, Virginia 

Independent Share Internet Radio through Aurora Illinois – Run through Spreaker 

Musical Relaxation Station Internet Radio through Aurora Illinois – Run through Spreaker 

Epic Music Radio Internet Radio through Aurora Illinois – Run through Spreaker 

WKAR 90.5 – Michigan State University 

KEDM 90.3 – Public Radio – University of Louisiana  

WCNY 91.3 CLASSIC FM in Syracuse New York and serving, Utica, and Watertown and southern Ontario.

Western Gulf Media Internet Radio Programs

 – Music For A Small Room

 – MUSIClassical Concert

 – All Relaxing Classics

WKCR 89.9 FM – Columbia University, New York 

WCVE 88.9 FM – Richmond, Virginia 

WCVE 88.9 FM – Richmond, Virginia also serving Heathsville 89.1 and Chase City 90.1. heard on Classical Evening with Geo Maida

Alabama Public Radio – University of Alabama

– WUAL FM 91.5 FM

– WQPR 88.7 FM

– WAPR 88.3 FM

– WHIL-FM 91.3 FM

KSMF – Jefferson Public Radio – Southern Oregon University in Ashland Oregon

Compact Discoveries – Weaverville, North Carolina

Hearts of Space Radio Show San Rafael, California

NET Radio LincolnNebraska –  Nebraska’s PBS and NPR station

Homegrown Podcast – West Midlands UK

Radio Six International – Glasgow Scotland – Heard in 198 countries through 53 AM, FM, digital and online rebroadcast affiliates and radio stations located in Australia, England, New Zealand, Scotland, Singapore, Taiwan and the USA.

88.3 CJIQ – Kitchener, Ontario at ConestogaCollege on the show “Songs from a Quiet Place” 

Radionomy – Edmonds, Washington directed by Andrew Faltonson

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Concert Performance Reviews for Jeff Dwarshuis

Concert Performance Reviews for Jeff Dwarshuis 

1.“Jeff draws the audience in with his deep knowledge of classical guitar composers and works, educating while entertaining. His passion for the music shines through during his performances.”

– Kristin Armstrong, ExecutiveDirector-SaugatuckCenter for the Arts. 

2.“It has been our privilege to present Jeff Dwarshuis in concert on our Music at Mid-Day series at Park Congregational Church in Grand Rapids Mi. His programs have always been of great interest and he has performed with excellent technique. The audience has appreciated his explanations about the music he presented and about the construction of the classical guitar. We are always delighted to include him in our series.”

– Jim Metzler, Director of Music-FirstPark Congregational Church, Grand Rapids Mi. 

3.“Sensitive, lyrical playing…” 

– Mark Loring, Director of Music Ministries- Second Congregational Church, Grand Rapids Mi

4.“Jeff Dwarshuis plays the classical guitar with precision and artistry. His varied program demonstrated many of the different techniques used in playing the classical guitar, which Mr. Dwarshuis clearly explained to the students. I also appreciated how Jeff affirmed each student’s question with a thoughtful response. The students and faculty at JenisonChristianSchool thoroughly enjoyed the performance presented by Mr. Dwarshuis—a highlight of our annual Fine Arts Week.”

– David VanZytveld, Music Director-Jenison Christian School

5.“Jeff played with accuracy and virtuosity, but also with great sensitivity and musicality…..thoroughly beautiful playing.”

– Christopher Dekker, Director of Music-Trinity United Methodist Church, Grand Rapids Mi 

6.“Jeff’s concert was delightful! His selections were great, and his performance of them was superb! Our audience greatly enjoyed him and we look forward to inviting him to come back for an encore performance in the near future.” 

– John Repulski, Director of Music and Organist-Christ Church Cranbrook, Southfield Mi. 

7.“Jeff is an accomplished talent and passionate about his music. His research into the history of the composers was a delightful addition. Jeff’s music brought the crowd to their feet. For it’s worth to note that our library program attendees have never given a performer a standing ovation before Jeff” 

– Larry Halverson, Community Relations Coordinator-Loutit District Library 

8.“Jeff Dwarshuis performed well to an enthusiastic crowd. His obvious love for the guitar and its music connected with the audience and his comments added pleasure to the performance. In addition, Dwarshuis was able to achieve many timbres and a wide range of dynamics on the guitar. These, coupled with a sure technique gave everyone a most enjoyable afternoon. It was a very successful concert!”

– Albert Bolitho, Director of Music-First Congregational Church of Battle Creek 

9.“Working with Jeff Dwarshuis was a delightful experience. He opened our 2010 fine arts series, and the audience was pleased with his music, comments, and gentle demeanor. His selections were excellent.”

   “We enjoyed the concert very much, and I was also impressed with how gracious he was with our patrons following the performance.” 

 – Carl Doubleday, Director of Music – Milwood United Methodist Church, Kalamazoo Mich

10.“The peace and joy that Jeff has as he plays, sets a nice tone for the performance” 

  “Informative and enjoyable performance-great for all ages” 

  “Explains his love and passion for the guitar very well” 

 – The Fine Arts Committee of West Side Christian School

11.“Jeff Dwarshuis is a consummate performer.  Beautiful music with wonderful explanations before playing the music itself.  He will give your performing arts series a real touch of class.” 

-George Jonte – Crane, Director of Music & Worship Ministries, Berkley 1st United Methodist

                                                                    Church, Berkley, Michigan 

12.“Jeff’s classical guitar performances are always popular with library patrons and staff. His accomplished playing provides a relaxing and welcoming ambiance that is enjoyed by all.Jeff is a talented musician and we look forward to hosting more musical Sunday afternoons with Jeff.” 

-Lisa Donner, Community Services Librarian, SpringLake District Library 

13.“Jeff Dwarshuis’ passion for the classical guitar and the music he plays is obvious.  His choice of music selections was varied, thoughtfully performed and thoroughly enjoyed.  The explanations about the composers and the music made a nice connection to the music for the audience.  The quietness and calmness of the people in attendance demonstrated a real appreciation for the musician and the music.” 

    -Carole McConnell, Vice President, Friends of the Tecumseh District Library, Tecumseh, MI 

14.“Jeff entertained and enlightened us with both his superlative playing and intriguing commentary on the history of the classical guitar. An entirely professional performance.”

 -Ken Raynor, Community Relations Department, Ann Arbor District Library
15.  “A name that’s hard to pronounce, but a sound that’s ever so easy to listen to.” 

– Fr. Brian Coleman, Rector, Saint Thomas Episcopal Church of Battle Creek

 16.”I am proud and honored to recommend Jeff Dwarshuis. He is a truly talented musician able to captivate his audience.” 

– Larry Halverson – Community Relations Coordinator at Loutit District Library

17.”Jeff’s performance for Music at Mid-day was an astounding combination of technical and artistic skill.   We were transported by his music, and so impressed with his preparation and delivery.” 

 -Dr. Patrick Coyle – Minister of Music, FirstPark Congregational Church

18.“Jeff performed at our most recent afternoon Salon Concert to a packed house and an enraptured audience.  His selections demonstrated a wide diversity of ability and technique.  The introductions were witty as well as informative.  All in all, Jeff is a consummate performer and a perennial favorite of ours.”

-Andrew McMechan, Chair of Music at ChristChurchCranbrook 

19.“Audiences will be impressed with both Jeff’s technical skill as a classical guitarist as well as his ability to breathe fresh life into canonical compositions by adding his own inspired signature to the works. Not only will listeners enjoy Jeff’s personal renderings of some of the most significant baroque, romantic and modern pieces that feature the guitar, he’ll frame the music within its historical context by providing attendees with studied summaries of the works, their composers and the evolution of classical guitar music.” 

—Ryan Gage, Audiovisual Librarian of the Kalamazoo Public Library

Countries with a Purchase of “The Guitar Works of Fernando Sor”

The list of countries that have had a purchase of my recording has grown to 45 different countries. 

A large part of this success comes from the supporting 156 radio stations that include my recording in their program schedules allowing it to be played in every country in the world. 

See country sale list below



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United States


Czech Republic






New Zealand







South Africa


South Korea









Costa Rica








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